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Susmita Baral

EndGame360 Senior Digital Editor

I’m a California native, who has been accused of ruining lives one bad pun at a time. When I’m not cooking or traveling, I’m usually offering my unsolicited opinions about cheese.

Patrick Barratt

EndGame360 VP of Marketing/Audience Development

I’m passionate about solving problems with software to improve people’s lives, but above all, I love good beer after long hikes.

Glenda Bucy

EndGame360 Accounting Manager

After a day of counting beans and looking for the missing penny, you can find me on my Harley searching for the perfect winding road.

Michael Calendrillo

Sportscasting Social Media Manager

I’m a performance-driven digital creator with solid attention to detail. A native of New York, I spent six years in Los Angeles working in the world of editorial, film, and sports. After moving back to Orlando, I have continued producing content, managing social media departments, and appearing on camera for companies such as FanSided, Orlando City Soccer Club, iHeart Radio, and the United States Professional Tennis Association. I pride myself on getting work done creatively and efficiently — no matter the medium.

Jess Caskey

Endgame360 Recruiter/HR Generalist

I’m an outdoor enthusiast and aviator in training. My dog strongly believes I was placed on this earth to serve her. I run on coffee, Star Wars, and true crime podcasts and I’m proud to call myself a NPS Junior Ranger.

Aaron Delloiacono Thies

Ad Ops Specialist

A digital ad ops vet who’s been there from the first ad server to today’s complex ad tech marketplace. My passion is the mountains: skiing, biking, camping. My pup Cali is my constant companion. My dream is to be a ski movie screenwriter.

Nadine DeMarco

Endgame360 Digital Editor

An Oxford comma fan, recovering helicopter parent, and Florida theme park junkie, I like to read weird stories about the Sunshine State, watch teen dramas with my two kids, and scream on roller coasters.

Bridget DeMeis

EndGame360 VP, Content

I’m a grammar nerd with a penchant for wearing silly t-shirts and going to concerts.

Nick Dimengo

Digital Marketing Director

A lover of sports, running, and good storytelling, I’m really just an old soul with a 13-year-old boy’s humor (my fiance loves it… I think). I’ve either built or worked with major brands from around the world, and love taking on new challenges in both my professional and personal life.

Yelena Dolgoplosk

EndGame360 VP of Monetization

I enjoy working with numbers but outside of work I avoid them as much as possible,you’ll never see me counting calories or balancing the checkbook.

Tanya Dutra

EndGame360 VP of People Operations

I’m a vegetarian who gets a thrill out of helping others enjoy their work experience. I also love paddle-boarding, animals, the great outdoors, and anything history related.

Xiangyu Fan

EndGame360 Senior Data Analyst

When I’m not coding, exercising, or surfing the web, you can find me at my local Starbucks or cinema.

Carrie Gauthier

Endgame360 Editorial SEO Manager

Loves mindmapping, roadtripping, yoga, meditation, biohacking and optimization (of everything). Believes there is magic in nature and is lowkey-obsessed with understanding why people do what they do.

Ali Harrison

EndGame360 Staff Digital Editor/Sportscasting Team Lead

Whether I’m editing content for The Cheat Sheet, hiking the Rocky Mountains, or making the perfect G&T, I pay attention to the details.

Damien Hoffman

EndGame360 Board of Directors/Co-Founder

I enjoy Big Thinkers, page-turning or thought provoking books, and trying to keep up with my young daughters.

Derek Hoffman

EndGame360 Board of Directors/Co-Founder

When not thinking about the future of media, I’m passionate about travel adventures, live music, connecting with nature, creative cooking and family time. An avid sports fan of my alma mater University of Michigan.

Mitchel Johnson

Endgame360 QA Developer

I’m a dad to 5 dogs and 1 human child. When I’m not planning and documenting,  I’m mostly napping and eating. My interests include hoarding old video games, old toys,  and 80’s cartoons.

Jamshid Khazenie

Chief Product and Technology Officer

I’ve always focused on ways technology can power engaging and meaningful products. Not to mention keeping up with my two teenage boys, and getting outdoors every chance I get.

Jolene Lallouz

EndGame360 CFO

I am passionate about numbers, problem solving, data, music and nature.

Nick Matysik

Endgame360 Digital Editor

Wisconsinite, coffee drinker, pop culture nerd, and somewhat of a motorhead. When not reading, writing, or editing, I’m binging a new show, playing an indie game, going to the gym or out for a run, taking care of my cat, or hanging out with friends and family.

Eric McWhinnie

EndGame360 Director of Editorial Development

I’m passionate about all things related to money. When I’m not writing, I’m quoting lines from Seinfeld and yada yada yada.

Aris Ordonez

EndGame360 Front-End Engineer

When I’m AFK (Away From Keyboard), I resume the role of Master Yoda to my two little Jedi Knights.

Tiffany Ratliff

Tiffany Ratliff

Endgame360 Digital Editor

I am a family-centered mother of three, wife, dog lover, photographer, editor, event planner, DIY fanatic, and about a dozen other things. To say the least, I am never bored. Some of the things I enjoy the most outside of work are planning my children’s birthday parties and getting creative with their cakes. Also, taste testing the cakes is always fun too. When they see the finished product, the smiling faces of my kids are worth my kitchen covered in flour.

Andres Rivas

EndGame360 VP of Technology

Is a person that loves to tinker with new technologies and think of ways to apply technology that will foster overall growth while bringing balance to the Force.

Tracy Sigler

EndGame360 CEO

Tracy is a veteran of several start-ups including the popular financial media company The Motley Fool, where he was VP Web Ops. First as an Advisor, then joining Cheat Sheet as COO in 2012 he is now CEO.

Luke Sonnier

Finance Director

I am an avid runner and have recently become a paddle-board enthusiast. Find me on the roads, trails, rivers, swamps, bayous, or other waterways of South Louisiana. I love to read and watch movies and TV, but music is my favorite form of entertainment. Traveling for concerts is my idea of paradise.

Cat Syman

Endgame360 Digital Editor

A native of the Northeast and fearer of the warmth, I enjoy snowy hikes, podcasts, and poetry.

Jackie Tennyson

Endgame360 Executive Assistant

I adore living in the mountains, playing music, and vacationing in new places. I’ve learned the most patience in my life from my marriage, the neighbors’ child, owning a small dog, and being a New York Giants fan.